Residential Zone

At Gateway City, not only do we offer a complete range of modern public utilities of industry, but we also provide living quarters and other facilities of convenience for all levels of employees such as workers dormitories, service apartments, executive house, park and sports fields, etc.


Gateway City is the only industrial estate in Thailand providing a dual telecommunication system of telephone and satellite. Installation of the satellite system, IBS (Intelsat Business Service) by the CAT Telecom Public Co., Ltd. make us a pioneer in telecommunication system. The satellite station is capable of transmitting data, voice and video facilities at a speed of 2 MB/second.

24-hour Operations Center

We give high priority to regular maintenance and attentive services to our customers. Our operations center is always opened to cope with any problem arising at any step. Besides providing administrative services, we provide round-the clock security.

Internet & Telephone

Gateway City has developed a telephone system to serve the telecommunications needs of Gateway City’s customers. The facilities include an initial capacity 6,000 lines , ISDN Services Data Communication Lease Line by UIH, CAT, TOT and every cell phone service.