About Gateway city


Covering a total area of over 6,500 rais (approximately 2,600 acres or 10.4 million square meters), Gateway City offers many advantages and privileges attracting a variety of major international manufacturers from various industries such as automobile manufacturers (e.g., Toyota, Isuzu), auto-parts suppliers, electronics companies, furniture, food processing manufacturers, etc.


As an Industrial Estate developed as a joint cooperation between the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) of Thai Government and MDX Public Co., Ltd., Gateway City offers the following special advantages:

  • The IEAT office offers speedy, simplified and round-the-clock services including industrial’s permits approval and custom clearance

  • Foreign investors can own 100% of freehold land title deed of Gateway City.

  • Investors can bring in more foreign skilled workers than otherwise allows by immigration laws.

  • Investors in the “Free Zone” of Gateway City are exempted from import and export duties as well as other special fees and related taxes.