Solid Soil
With a loading bearing capacity of approximately 30 tons per square meter. This is unusual in Thailand where the soft land conditions generally require extensive foundation work. Gateway City's heavy capacity permits the construction of factories without the need for any piling which can reduce total construction costs by as much as 30% compared to most other locations in Thailand.
Wide and Smooth Roadways
A network of main, secondary and access roads serves every zone in Gateway City, ensuring smooth and efficient transport of people and goods. The main road is 50 meters wide and includes six lanes. Secondary roads are 39 meters wide with four lanes. Access road’s width is 33 meters. Due to strong soil foundation, all roads are constructed with concrete.
Effective Drainage and Flood Protection
Flooding is never a concern as the level of the estate is about 30-50 meters above sea level and the site has excellent natural drainage. A concrete open ditch system in desired to accommodate even peak rain conditions.
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